Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sweet Success

Finally, something is going my way. I just got my marks for one of my classes i was failing-I got 87 freakin %!! thank god for that. I got that mark on both my assignments and my teacher loved my props. (the pic i have posted)I worked damn hard on them. My other assignment was for some cheap ass game that i made and she liked that too. So overall, i'm happy now.

My other assignments i got back today i did well on also. Everything seems to be commin together which will raise my mark a helluva lot. Now its time for the hard part, classes done: *dun dun dun* scared. No, im really scared. I soooo dont want to redo any of these classes or i will be very behind. I've never failed anything in my life-well, except for french-but that doesnt count!

Oh the pic that i tried posting yesterday didnt work- go figure, im on dial up. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Anyway im off to study


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The new and improved blog...

Ahoy....i've returned with a more girly, colourful site. Isnt it perrrdy? I needed a change. So pink it is.
Exams are next week and i have to study like mad, my pysch exam is gonna be KILLER. i hope i pass *fingers crossed*
Now, that im not working during the week, i feel like a bum. I dont feel as independent as i was before. I was failing 3 of my courses at school so my parental units said it isnt worth it. Which, they're right. I have invested too much money into school that im defeating the whole purpose of it. I just wish it was my last semester and i had a stable job. A job that i could feel proud of. But at least im getting better grades.
I wish i was making MONEY. I love it but i hate it at the same time.
Alot of shit has happened since my last post; one of which i cant talk about since sombody told me i couldnt. So technically the thing doesnt count. So, WHATEVER. Anyway, I can't wait till exams are over and i get a bit of a break. I still have to do some christmas shopping. No idea what to get my bf...ah well, it's gonna be a last minute shopping kinda deal. I SORTA have an idea so hopefully i can find the right thing that i have in mind. Speaking of which, my bf told me to call him-and i did, but i just got an answering machine, so if you're reading this I DID call u. I'll call u again after i post this.
check out this pic from the website "married to the sea.." pretty random shit

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

mid terms...bleh

i cant wait for this term to mid terms are NOW and i should be studying but i would rather vent my anger. Today was SHIT i got back an assignment that i thought would be easy, I got a FUCKING 62%!!!a measley 62...thats a pass. I am so mad right now i could seriously jab a fork in somebody. This week has not been good at all. I had a test yesterday, that went ok, until there was some stuff on the test that i wasnt expecting and last night i had a dream that i failed it. So that means i did pass cuz dreams mean the opposite. Oh, and i also failed an in class essay! I would have gotten a 75% but i got a 50 because there were so many punctuation errors. You see, im one of these people that can't write under pressure, so i end up screwing myself in the end. But our teacher let us rewrite it today and i practically changed my whole essay, so put that in you pipe and smoke it paul.
I thought i would be kicking ass this semester but instead im getting my ass kicked..
Oh man i need a vacation BADLY. --Surf camp here i come...i wish...
Well in good news i got 2 compliments from complete strangers, one from a guy and one from a girl...This guy said i had amazing eyes,I was in the library and this guy starts talking to me out of nowhere, sits down at my table, and just talks and talks...He noticed that I had a couple of band stickers on my agenda and hes like 'oh my god i love that band!' which is weird because not many guys like 'the music.'anyway, i got complimented on my fashion style by this girl in my class, she said that she liked how i was so colour co-ordinated, which is true, i like to match... So that cheered me up a bit...but im afraid that is all the good news i have.
Oh my familys property is haunted by the rebelions of 1837,Im pretty dad heard voices comming from our family room and that freaked me out because hes never heard anything like that before. My house isnt haunted because its only 24 years old or something like that, so the only explanation we can think of is that it could be the land...there was a well that was the main water source for the town in the 1800's apparently and it was the best water there it could have been like, a meeting place or something...anyway, we're still doing research on it.
ooh- i bought a humber shirt today--looky looky!

But anyways i should get back to the studying, I need to do well on this test...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

summer = gone already

well holy crap, its the end of august and im sitting here on a saturday night with nothing to do (for once this summer) wondering where the hell did this season go?
All my friends have gone camping except me because i have to work this weekend. I need money cuz i have had quite a number of days off already. I need money for pay for shit therefore no money = no fun at all.
All in all this summer has been pretty sweet, i hardly worked any weekends which is wicked good but its another year that it seems like i dont have anything to show for it. I mean, i went to some pretty cool parties and get-togethers, and went to point pelee. I wanted to go to my cottage but thats not gonna happen this year. I really wanted to go cuz now my dad just put in a new dock. Last time i was there was two years ago with my ex bf. Oh well this fall is going to be a doozy for me but there will be plenty of things to keep me busy.
I start school on the 5th and i have to work after school as much as possible. So there goes my social life. But maybe i will be able to squeeze some socializing in on the weekends after work of course. But as much as i say i dont want to go to school i love the fact that its going to be a good experience for me. Its going to feel good getting up in the morning without going to work for a change. A change of scenery, if u will.
But anyway, without further ado, i leave u with some pics of friends from this summers part-ays
"hey homer, i'll trade you this delicious door stop for that crummy old danish." "Done and done--D'oh!"

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

'I would be the one, to hold you down, kiss you so hard, id take your breath away'

I am so in my element right now, spring is here and it is soooooo good to finally have nice weather. I hate winter cuz everythings depressing and you dont seem like you're doing anything when you're cooped up indoors all the time. I think spring is definetly my favorite season, everything is new and fresh. ahhh...New beginnings is what i say.
Speaking of new beginnings, i have made my decision about what college im going to go to. Its Humber. That way its not too far away from my house and the driving wont be too bad in the winter. I cant wait to go. Seems like forever since ive been to school. It would be good to get out and meet new people and learn new things. Hopefully i'll get something outta it. Actually, thats a given, i know i will. But before i start to get down to business in the fall, its time for good times in the summer. There are a number of things i would like to do; this time, get my ear peirced again (cartillage in upper corner). Im dissapointed that my eyebrow ring didnt work out as planned. But i knew that wouldnt last very long. It was a phase for sure, but i dont regret it.
two, is go camping ALOT, because last year i hardly went. Three is go to the'Dardonella' I know some people have said it sucks but i want to experience it for myself (i'll be the judge of that)umm, lets see what else....oh yeah have a get together at my cottage with a group of people. Those are just some of the things i would like to get accomplished.
But anyways what else is new in the world of Sarah...Well a couple more guys from work want me to draw some pics for them,(anime, which is my specialty) i said i would cuz, well, i want to and they have been very encouraging. I've had alot of compliments on my work from them. I really should start charging but if i did- i dont know how much. dont get me wrong they have offered to pay, but if its just a small drawing - who cares?
anyway im bored of this blog
'Into this night I wander
it's morning that I dread
another day of knowing of
the path I fear to tread'

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where are they now? i wonder what ever happened to that band i showed an interest to when i went to my brothers gig not long ago...right when they finished i bee lined right over to them when they finished playing. They said their cd was 10 bucks...i gave them 5, ha! suckers...they were so high on themselves too. I guess i didnt mention two weeks after i saw them play, their video was shown on much music. It was really gay (for the record)ah, manic drive, not worth 10 dollars.
Now a band that is worth the money is sevendust-i saw them in january with my friend jillian. They just came out with a new album called 'next' and it is reallllllly good. The concert was amazing too. Damn they know how to ROCK!!!

I would have to say the album 'Seasons' is my favorite outta every album they have done.
I really have to go see more concerts. This summer i am taking it upon myself to see alot of concerts. And of course to go to the beach more often, even if its just by myself!!! well, maybe just one person could come with me. Shannon thats u!

anyway im going to have a cuppa
' can transcend you and mentally bend you
But I can't handle the shit that I'm into'

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'Carpe diem'

yeah im back. What else is new though? heh, well all i can say is that i applied to college a couple of months ago;Humber, seneca and georgian are my choices. Decided to take my ECE and get a career. Hopefully i will succeed. I have to write an essay for a cpt (college placement test) for humber tomorow. I havnt wrote an essay in soooo long. But i know i am able to pull one outta my ass and b.s. it all.
Now, i know,one of the colleges are going to accept me. But who will it be? I dunno whether i want to go to humber cuz i think its closer to home than orillia. But we shall see how it goes.
At least i dont have to work tomorow (yay!!) I have sunday and monday off (double yay!) so i can do whatever the F i, well, within reason i suppose.
Well lets see, in music news, i just purchased a cd called 'panic! at the disco' its pretty good actually. I thought it was gonna be all gay and stuff, maybe some people wont like it that i know of. I think its more for girls cuz (its kinda dancy) but--dont get me wrong, its still rockin. Lyrics are catchy? check. Lead singers voice good? check. more than 2 good songs on the cd? check. its a pretty good album.
Another band to check out (i have a list cuz i have not updated this bad boy for months)is '10 years', pretty good album but resembles tool and a perfect circle a little bit much, i do say..indeed...thats all im listing for now cuz its too much to write~!
*yawn* im damn tired today, but it feels like i didnt do much, its probably because im depriving myself of any carb that comes into contact with me. I know, I know its bad, yes. BUT i just want to see how long i can go without eating all those good breads, cakes, cereals, *drools* gah!! its so hard. But if u dont think about that kinda thing, just pretend it doesnt exist, you'll only be hungry for healthy foods. Well, then again i guess cuz you're hungry you'll eat anything. Ive been good for a whole week. Dont worry people im not turning into karen carpenter or anything. I know one of these days i'll crack.
anyway people im gonna go and i love thee sleep...
'havn't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door- no, its much better to face these kind of things with a sense of poise and rationality'
p.s. good gig it was eh guys??? damn right!!